costco interstate battery forum I recently purchased an Interstate battery from Costco for 99. I just returned an Interstate Marine battery with a shorted cell. They will look up the correct battery for your vehicle in the documentation they have and provide the correct battery for your vehicle reg 28 Sep 2018 I have another Costco Interstate Battery Group 24f on the Camry it holding up well for 2 years. I did notice the OE battery was engraved 39 Johnson Controls 39 for Toyota. Both made by Interstate but have designations I have not seem before. I compared the specs with Batteries Plus and others. Costco Kirkland car battery has been discontinued and currently Costco only offers one brand for their car batteries which is Interstate. I believe the Costco batteries are re branded Interstate so ya. They actually build batteries for O. Costco also offers Kirkland Signature batteries for your car. Get a battery from Costco. The mechanic said that Interstate batteries are the best and to avoid Costco and Kragen batteries. The bracket toward the front is about 1 cm higher than the mounting hole. 99 99. The salesguy knows nothing about the and I 39 m trying to ascertain the AH rating. 2013 the car batteries were moved from the MAIN warehouse to the TIRE warehouse. Don 39 t get a Honda battery. Ok it will be 4 years on March 4th 2018 since my car was born and it is starting to show slower cranking. batteries must be used in pairs so you need space for 2 or 4 or 6 of them. I went to Costco and learned they were out of the battery I needed and the closest Costco that had it was 45 minutes away. ca wcsstore CostcoCABCCatalogAssetStore The Interstate batteries you can buy at autovalue have the vent in the nbsp 13 Sep 2017 The last battery replacement was not registered been working Lexus I did get a Costco interstate because people on the forum said not only nbsp 15 Jul 2014 Tried for a Costco Kirkland battery but for some odd reason they didn 39 t Most KIA replacement battery programs for dealers use Interstate. Feb 16 2012 Interstate batteries are rated good as are COSTCO Johnson Controls make them batteries. I purchased this battery about 10 years ago from the Toyota dealer because my son worked there as a quot lot jockey quot and he got me a heck of a discount. Found a good price on some group 29 dual purpose. I 39 m not sure what the nbsp 27 May 2017 it back and ended up getting a great deal on a new battery. 99 plus core. arcamm is nbsp 1 Apr 2017 We 39 re kicking off the camping season this weekend and my Interstate deep cycle SRM 24 battery is toast. But BEWARE that it is not a true Interstate battery if it fails you return it to Costco and Costco only. 6L are not that cheap. You will be hard pressed to find a bad review of a Kirkland battery online and for good reason. Good quality battery. Cold Cranking CCA is a rating taken at 40 deg F when the battery is only 40 efficient. Exide 4. Costco Bosch Walmart is often Johnson Controls. Thumbs up on the Costco Interstate battery. The largest battery manufacturer is Johnson Controls. I was easily able to pick out one that was made Oct We brought an interstate battery from Costco. Then a couple of years ago I broke down and bought a new chipper shredder to replace my old worn out unit the Interstate Battery that came in that died the next year. manufacturers. Nowhere on fact sheets at Interstae or Costco does it state the batteries AMP HOURS but in talking with Interstate I 39 m told it is an 81 amp hour battery. It even has the green eye lid. 14 months I took it back to Costco and initially they would not accept the return. Also if you 39 re not using the truck at least every other week it 39 s a good idea to disconnect the negative battery terminal or put a little wall wart battery tender on it to keep the new battery topped up. M. Online. While the specs are similar the performance in an EV is different. Johnson Controls also manufacturers what is probably the best brand battery you can buy for your car And also available at most Costco s the Optima brand of Interstate is big in the Northeast and often sell through small repair shops in addition to selling to car dealerships. A comparable Interstate battery would 39 ve cost at least 50 more. Can 39 t argue with that. Hard to beat a Costco battery for value. Search info on Weather. So in theory you will nbsp Can anyone tell me what the rated AH are for the Costco Interstate battery Any other comments about pros and cons of one of these over the other would be nbsp 21 Jan 2015 Same battery with different label and a longer warranty higher pricelike buying the extended warranty on your toaster same toaster just nbsp Nissan LEAF 12V Interstate Battery replacement at Costco It 39 s Group 51R. my interstate mtp 93 did not come w a vent tube. I may be wrong but to my knowledge there are 4 major manufactures of SLA AGM batteries. 100 free webcam site Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free Watch free live sex cam easy as 1 2 3 Jan 28 2020 I need to purchase new deep cycle batteries 2 for Boat and 2 for Camp trailer. You can take your car in if it will run at all or just take in the battery. S. And they don 39 t cost an arm and a leg. Jul 04 2016 I need a new battery for my 99 Mazda Protege. e Yellow Battery was in stock at Santa Cruz CA Costco store on Sept. All Costco batteries at least I. I saw a Consumer Reports test on batteries and like DougfromIndy says there 39 s only a few manufacturers. I just got the battery last week how can it drop so Re Costco GC2 6V Battery charge specs and Peukert FWIW Sams club has similarly priced golf cart batteries Mine will get replaced this year they turned 5 years old in Novemeber. I ran one now for sale in the classified ad section on my 458 for about a year and it was The Costco 208 AH batteries weigh 63lbs each. One thing to keep in mind though the Interstate warranty on any diesel application that is commercial or over a one ton truck is only 6 months free replacement. Costco Walmart and Autozone all sell good batteries and I think all are made by Johnson Controls or Interstate although they do change manufacturers from time to time. 5x20 100ah. It looked like the lead was melted off the terminals in spots as in quot arc welding quot . My first set of batteries same brand and model lasted 4 years and they died suddenly while we were in Charlotte N. As long as it 39 s a reputable company as long as it has plenty of CCA and a good warranty don 39 t waste too much time or money buying the best because if you keep the car for years and years you 39 ll have to replace the battery anyways. Also my battery cover isn t fitting well anymore making trunk closing a bit of a pain sometimes. CCA rating of 850. Reasonable price and better warranty than from most other sources. Only at 89. Costco has a great return policy and that makes them my first choice as long as the batteries are good. I think the COSTCO one is 65 if you are a member. Could be used instead of a Group 49 or Group 93 battery. Can someone help me out Interstate gc2 Bc209ap0020 Bl119ap0206 Ae019ap1106 Just wondering if anyone has purchased the Costco email protected 6 volt batteries in the last 18 24 months. See yourself. Apr 15 2020 I just bought these 6 volt Interstate golf cart batteries from Costco and I have no clue how to read the dates. The cost of electricity throughout the us varies much more than gasoline does but its cost over time is much more stable. I prefer the Deka East Penn batteries myself usually if a battery says quot made in USA quot it is a Deka East Penn battery selling under one of a hundred different labels but nothing really wrong with the Interstates. I tried Costco but they don 39 t sell size big enough for the ram truck went to my mechanic who 39 s an interstate dealer but turns out his suppliers didn 39 t have the Looking like time to replace my original 2014 Ecodiesel battery. So in comes the Interstate brand with a 3. They make Interstate Optima and many others. By joining our community free of charge you will have access to post topics communicate privately with other members PM respond to polls upload content and access My Costco is selling Interstate batteries these days and they don 39 t carry a 27R or F for that matter . I am a member of Costco and was going there next anyways so I told them I would purchase one there. 8 quot Skate to where the puck is going to be quot Costco is a membership club that opened its first warehouse in San Diego California in 1976 using the name quot Price Club. I found it by putting a 2012 RAV4 V6 in the battery finder. 5L Diesel Engine Battery Booster with Smart Charging Port Black Red 69. The Selma All Battery Center has provided great service and the Outrageous Dependability of Interstate Batteries since 2002. I bought an H6 for my SC a couple of months back for approx 160 from a local old fashioned garage. The build date of the truck is 9 12 so the battery is likely around then. I believe it has 650 CCA where as OEM was only 550 CCA. So three options that I 39 ve scoped out MTZ 34R 800 CCA 125 R. I replaced it with an Exide Extreme from Home Depot 99 and a 40 month full replacement warranty. I have seen others here recommend the Costco battery for our JK 39 s. in the market for the new battery checked out costco 39 s pricing and it seems too good not to give it a try. New battery needed every year in my 2015 Outback Limited. Show Full Signature Silver 2012 4x4 Megacab ramboxed stocker Costco Interstate batteries are the same Johnson Controls batteries sold at Walmart under the EverStart MAXX brand. It died a couple days ago after about a year and a half there was a sticker on top that said 6 18 assumed it was the date . The end result is a battery that lasts three times longer than other quot competitive batteries. 27 Aug 2019 my local Costco they have back in stock the Interstate 6 V golf cart batteries for about 100 ea plus core charge. I was only buying Advanced Auto batteries because there is a store everywhere . I can get a slight break in price and if I ever have a warranty issue it 39 s easy. Oct 04 2017 Costco sells an Interstate DC27 Marine battery for 79 are these exactly the same as say an Interstate SRM27 Marine battery that you find for sale for 120 150 at dealerships and marinas They both have the exact same 600 CCA and 750 MCA and 160 reserve so specs appear to be identical it just appears Costco is selling their own part The Selma TX Interstate Battery store was selling my battery for 150. I just picked a 24F for my Mustang wet battery and it was 89. 09 cents kWh for the Costco Interstate golf cart battery. YMMV. Group 27 Kirkland Signature Automotive flooded battery 0 48 months Free replacement 49 66 months 50 refund based on purchase price 67 100 months 25 nbsp If you have a costco membership go with an interstate. product. Price Vs Performance Millions of car starting batteries are produced each year and it is the lowest priced 12v battery available but lasts only about one season in typical RV use. This is nice for an EV to have the extra power. Costco Interstate 700CCA 42 months free replacement 89. No trimming was necessary. A knowledgeable car friend says that Costco batteries are made by Johnson Controls and that they are great batteries. Jul 06 2017 There are only a few battery manufacturers. Apparently according to their diagnosis its showing 402 CCA out of the 550 CCA its rated for. Reserve Capacity of the Interstate is also almost double of the OEM Honda battery. Then many years ago I switched to Costco batteries for price convenience and good reliability. 94. My DieHards are at 135amps after 4 years when I 39 m on borrowed time with my battery and as the demo drops I want to order a new one. Costco Interstate battery Item 517990 size GC2 Reserve Capacity 100RC 79. No experience with them but I 39 d stay away judging by how wal mart treats its brand new merchandise. The other major is Exide. Proper use of the quot How To quot Sub Forum. 4 engine only the 6 cyl. 99 15 quot core charge quot fee tax. Frog nbsp That 39 s what I have been using for the last 10 years. Sams Club sells the same battery that is labeled Duracell or Energizer I can 39 t remember . So an Interstate battery would be a good call. Show Full Signature Save a ton of money buying your house batteries for the RV or trailer from Costco. Sep 23 2017 There are two basic types of automotive batteries flooded and Absorbent Glass Mat AGM . I like how Costco Interstate puts stickers on top w the manufacture month. Oct 25 2017 The batteries found at Costco and Sam s Club are generically cheap and are appealing however overall in the long haul they will cost you more than a good set of batteries. FWIWI bought AGM for my 2016 RX350. in and out in 10 mins. I ended up returning it and I went to Costco and got a fitment 29 Group 48 battery. Does anyone know of a lead acid battery with better performance nbsp 5 volts but only 400 amps on a 550 amp battery. Battery size seemed to be a limiting factor i. Sometimes a store 39 s supplier might have to substitute purchased product for a unit they normally manufacture. It did not list CCA. Costco Interstate battery. Marine batteries I know Costco carries Interstate batteries but I 39 m not a member so I can 39 t check their prices. 0k. Each makes batteries sold under several different brand names. I 39 ve heard that Optima batteries are not as good as they used to be because they 39 re now made in Mexico. 6 39 11 uses the same battery that 39 s I 39 d go with this one. 5 year replacement warranty and according to Consumer Pete an optimized warranty period so that people s car batteries will die outside the I replaced the battery in my 2014 MDX at just over 4 years old not long ago. 99 ea Oct 03 2018 costco batteries easiest to deal with when they do fail. Anyways it was in the truck of my truck and I went shopping and when I opened the trunk it leaked everywhere. It has a 42 month warranty and was about 90 if I recall correctly. I am a mechanic 32 years in. As long as you drive the car once in a while no battery tender should be required. Anyone buy the Interstate battery from nbsp Old Kirkland costco and interstate for me but Costco is also interstate. They are not Doesn 39 t matter the brand or how much the battery costs. I bought it in September 2015. quot The stores offer consumers a number of products including appliances furniture and groceries. 240 Jan 16 2020 OK so you need a new battery. Found a Interstate store and had them do the install. Not bad for the low use I give it and Fl heat. Posted By MEXICOWANDERER on 02 21 13 11 41am I would sort of quot take it quot that the quot Deep Cycle quot 24 27 29 30 and 31 all used the same plates. I see size H8 available for my W126 gas car. You 39 ll even often see who built the battery. It was a little tight but I squeaked in two Group 31. 4. My last Costco battery I replaced at 4. Dec 24 2012 I thought Costco batteries were made by Interstatewell at least thats what the service manager said 7 12 23 2012 06 09 PM I 39 ve run both the Trojan T 125 top of the line 240 AH batteries and the GC 2 220 AH Costco Johnson Controls batteries. COSTCO sells an Interstate battery series 35 that seems to have the correct case measurements but the COSTCO Interstate catalog does not list a battery for the 2016 TLX 2. E. I was looking specifically at the MTZ 34R. 7L V8 2UZ FE . 5 Aug 2015 I stopped into Costco for a new Interstate battery after reading good reviews from users here and other places. Should last about 6 years or so. I went to Costco amp bought an Interstate AGM battery recommended for a 2016 Ram ecodiesel for close to 190 plus a core charge of 15 then i found out that Costco does not do battery installations I then went to a few auto parts stores amp they will not install a battery that they did not sell so i went to Firestone amp they said that would Ok Costco is going to order the Interstate AGM battery for me. Selection by location may vary. I went to Costco 39 s website got redirected to a Costco Interstate Battery website and found a battery the site said should work fitment code 23. In addition there seems to be a I do think Costco Interstate Johnson Controls quality may have changed. 1. I went to Costco 39 s website got redirected to a Costco Interstate Battery website and found a battery the site said should nbsp It 39 s not just our legacy of providing high quality long lasting products that has made us the nation 39 s 1 auto battery replacement brand. When I called my local Costco to see if they had it the mechanic that answered told me they don 39 t stock any batteries compatible with 2005 2015 Odysseys. Source out the most Stock vehicle and keep that way. With CA sales tax each battery was under 100. The Optima is just an AGM battery it is spiral wound but otherwise it is the same and just like other AGM batteries it can require a charger with special AGM settings but also like other AGM batteries it will have several advantages the quot motorcycle quot battery that now comes in the slingshot is also an AGM battery so changing to an Optima or other larger AGM type battery should not pose I have a 2000 Tundra SR5 2wd 4. I replaced them on 7 19 2010 with the ones I have and they are now almost 5 y Consumer reports recommends Interstate Mega Tron Plus MTP 24 F. Surprised he said that and he also said they don 39 t test batteries they just give you a new one. Any experience with these Both are deep cycle marine batts and around the same price. Has anyone had experience with these Costco Interstate H8 batteries they would nbsp Costco Interstate Batteries. Bill Nodwell RN110 out moose hunting. Have them in 3 of my cars. So far so good. Here is all the stats provided for each battery where I live Costco Interstate battery Item 517990 size GC2 Reserve Capacity 100RC 79. Optima is the premium name for the Interstate battery line. costco. 2 days ago Interstate Batteries also known as Interstate Battery System of America is a privately held battery and marketing distribution company. . But when you re looking at the battery market Optima stands out as being often quite a bit more expensive than most other brands on the market including Interstate Costco interstate battery We have it on our website weather. Aug 10 2019 Expensive battery but it 39 s done very well for me. If I recall the marine ones have lower cold cranking amps and that 39 s why I didn 39 t go with one of them. Members. You will be glad you did. Delphi makes ACDelco and some EverStart Wal Mart models. According to that link Johnson controls makes Interstate diehard duralast kirkland May 26 2010 Battery prices vary depending on type and size. They are available in both flooded cell and AGM types. 95. Located at 8143 Agora Parkway in the Forum shopping center close to Outback Steakhouse the store is a battery source to the San Antonio area and Selma Universal City Live Oak and New Braunfels. Autozone Interstate and Sears have good choices. I looked at a second one in the rack and it too was similarily defective. I know the one at Costco has 550 CCA. Brand of car battery Costco Interstate Wallmart Everstart N Duracell Ultra Gold. Wound up returning the battery and picked up a champion AGM battery from pep boys. Johnson Controls make the Interstate battery as well as the Wal Mart Costco Autozone Ford and Diehard batteries. I ended up getting a Magnacharge for 104 Cdn. May 09 2018 Looking to get some batteries for my new to me trolling motor. After reading the reviews for the Interstate GC2 I am not sure. The other factor is what happens to the Costco batteries at 2 3 years Are you predicting a catastrophic failure or a gradual loss of capacity to the point of 80 or less Just in costco today and saw they are carrying interstate batteries with a 42 month warranty. Price out the door 1570. Walmart uses Johnson Controls. It 39 s a decent average battery. The best setup for the 458 is using the Braille i48CS. Optima is owned by Interstate Battery if the costco has the 6 pack of beer look going on it is an Interstate version of the Optima. com reports. After a year the battery would only hold charge for 2 3 days. Would I be ok with these or should I get deep cycle only. Any recommendations on brands retailers for a good battery replacement Thanks in advance Oct 30 2014 Kirkland batteries sold by Costco are a bit of a well kept secret in the automotive world. Due to the design of my boat I can run a house battery if I have a smaller cased battery and will likely stay with Interstate AGM for a starting battery but a smaller one so I can add a house battery again. Costco uses a Fitment Code system. Incidentally the Costco Interstate battery finder seems to indicate that they don 39 t sell a battery to fit the Pilot. I went to Costco to get the Interstate 852210 51R for 77 1 CA battery fee. However reading the reviews on their site they are not rated real well but they have lasted 6 years in my coach. Both the Interstate and Costco Interstate batteries are made by Johnson Controls and apparently the reason they do that is the black cased Costco ones can only be returned to Costco for warranty adjustments. Wal Mart 39 s are made by Exide. Also seems to match the same specs as all the parts store quot gold quot level battery but for half the price. 99 99. They sell one with 1 500 cold cranking amps vs. Aug 05 2020 Costco at least in my area sells Interstate brand 94R batteries that appear to me to be made by EastPenn. May 24 2018 Hey guys going to being some new batteries this weekend since my old Kirkland ones are 10yrs old. I buy at Costco Interstate battery so it 39 s free still in warranty just a F king pain in the ass anyone else with same problems and if so was it resolved I 39 m about to buy two new 6V golf cart batteries for my TT. Budget was a HUGE issue. Having a genuine battery for your car means buying a battery from a dealer you can trust. Who makes Interstate batteries Batteries Compare Reviews and Trusted Advice from Battery Experts came up. Remember neither Interstate nor Costco mentions a battery for this nbsp I know Costco carries Interstate batteries but I 39 m not a member so I a battery will last just what it 39 s worth toward a replacement when it dies nbsp 28 Feb 2019 It appears AGM was an option according to Interstate who used to make all of the Sears premium batteries no clue if they still do . What do people on the forum think What s a good car battery Re Costco Marine Battery FYI Johnson Controls make bats for Interstate Costco Sams Walmart Advance Auto Johnson Controls ownes 49 of Interstate The specs of an Interstate Bat are more stringent than the others per district vp at Interstate but not sure if that matters much Harry i bought the interstate battery from costco and came across a little issue. This seems unusual since Costco is sellling them for 73. Original Deep Cycle Marine RV batteries were Interstate SRM 24 MCA 690 Reserve Capacity 140. I am choosing between the Costco and the Sams Club 6V batteries. Anyone buy the Interstate battery from Costco 109. A little Background on the Kirkland Brand Car Batteries The Kirkland Signature Car Batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls. Aug 12 2008 I need to replace my house batteries. Higher CCA and other ratings than my OE batter FWIW. There is one down the street and they are the go to store for batteries. They are good batteries made by Johnson Controls Interstate batteries . The only edible items that don t qualify for this warranty are alcohol and cigarettes. I see that Costco has Interstate 27DC and 24DC Marine nbsp Was looking at Costco Interstate Batteries and Walmart 39 s. Costco Aug 25 2020 Amazingly Costco does not specify a specific time window for you to bring back food items. Also be sure to check the stamp date on the batteries. I replaced them on 7 19 2010 with the ones I have and they are now almost 5 y Replaced my battery an Interstate group 49 agm from Costco but the bracket that holds down the battery didn t fit well over the hole so I was unable to bolt down the battery with the bracket. Costco offers Interstate brand batteries for boats RVs golf carts and lawn mowers. quot Interstate batteries have replaced the Kirkland branded car batteries at your local Costco quot ConsumerPete. Been working fine for several years. If the 3. In general batteries are all the same only the label changes. Costco also charges at 15 core fee which they 39 ll refund when you bring back your used 12 volt. I was skepticle at first but I bought a pair for our diesel dually and I have to admit that it spins it over effortlessly whether it 39 s a hot start in 90 39 weather or first I don 39 t know much about batteries and I 39 m not sure I understand the connection between Interstate and Costco. I went with the biggest batteries I could fit in the storage area. Toyota was also a consideration since it is basically the same Interstate battery from what I understand. I don 39 t think you can go wrong with the Costco Interstate battery. I went to the Interstate battery nbsp 22 Aug 2019 I really like shopping at Costco for things like this but the Walmart EverStart Maxx Yellow is a better battery than the Interstate. The Costco I called had a batteries for up to 12 model didn 39 t inquire what size they were showing. I 39 ve never had an Interstate battery but I 39 ve heard they are a quality brand. Last time I even got money back because the price had gone down. Battery brands hire them to build batteries to spec and slap a brand name on it. Costco sells Interstate Batteries and stands behind them with a pretty solid warranty. Jun 14 2010 This battery fit almost exactly had 600 CCA compared to Costco 39 s 500 and had the built in quot feet quot brackets that the original did. FullRvr I searched this forum and found some suggesting mode 3 others mode 1 and even a couple suggesting mode 2. 08 10 2019 20 32 I need to replace several very Large batteries and remember a thread where the most votes were for quot INTERSTATE quot Batteries. 2 1. Deka and Interstate are the two best battery makers for marine use as long as it 39 s not people on a truck forum that Interstates NOW are not your father 39 s Interstates nbsp 8 May 2018 Should I get another Interstate dual purpose battery at 110 plus or will the cheaper Duracell and Costco batteries work OK 19 Nov 2017 Now I purchased Interstate battery from Costco and the label says 42 months free replacement. Buying an Interstate will be my best option. US Battery 2. Probably a nbsp 18 Jan 2016 I bought the direct replacement 94R from Walmart for my wife 39 s 325xit and it listed here http www. Back of charger states these modes 1. They cost a lot less than the Advanced Auto batteries that I haven t been having good luck with . 22 Oct 2016 Replacement car battery recommendation The Off Topic Forum. Within 10 each of Interstate batteries and 3 yr 36 month free replacement jump start After asking got on the Costco website for a 2014 Ram 3500 the battery is 143. Which actually is the top premium model sold at most stores. Headquartered in Dallas Texas it is known for offering top quality and an extensive variety of batteries that fit and serve almost any automobile. 31 Group Size 94R H7 790 CCA 153. 5 Aug 2014 I was at Costco at 7AM this morning to replace my Costco truck battery Costco brand car batteries will be switching to Interstate brand batts If you need a car warranty replacement for an Everstart Maxx 51 or other items glancing oversize charts at forums can get you best car prices for auto batteries at nbsp . Not quite 6 yo. Lowest cost highest quality best customer service. So in extremely cold temperatures the higher CCA level is required to crank your engine. Sears 90 per Costco 65 Is there really any difference. I personally use Sam 39 s club batteries which are Duracell brand. My family 39 s Civic has a Napa Legend battery about nbsp 18 Jun 2019 Tried to purchase a group 75 Interstate Battery at Costco for an to a free replacement period of six months and a pro rata limited warranty nbsp 2 Feb 2018 Ok it will be 4 years on March 4th 2018 since my car was born and it is starting to show slower cranking. No issues. It 39 s a 48v system so 2 strings of 8 batts 410Ah. The new battery is an Interstate size 35 from Costco. I also like AC Delco batteries. As for going with Toyota I 39 d prefer not too because mines a 2010 with only 40K miles on it and fives minutes of the radio with the engine off leaves me stranded. Each bank is 12 volts with 2 six volt batteries in series. Doesn 39 t seem like a bad little deal as most other batterise are 130 160 in range I have been looking at. info Costco interstate battery Search no more. I have been purchasing DieHards for years and seems all batteries lose their AMPs after 3 years. 11 2013 Note In Jan. 2 out of 5 stars 257. Thought te label says Automotive. More than just automotive batteries our offerings include powersports marine RV golf cart lawn amp garden and more. May 23 2019 I looked into AGM batteries and the best bang for the buck was Sam s Club. So I wouldn 39 t hesitate to buy an EastPenn battery sold under the Interstate brand. I buy the cheapest batteries I can find for my own vehicles. I bought a new battery from the dealer for my 2014 Forester and had to replace 2 years later. 99 Nov 22 2017 I was comparing prices with batteries with same rating as Costco 39 s battery. C. Johnson Controls Exide Interstate and a few others. I looked at interstates battery finder and it seems have the same specs their top end MTP battery. I really May 16 2015 My coach is a 2006 HR Vacationer diesel. Seems like moderate climates like I live the batteries last. Back when they still carries the house brand Kirkland the battery lasted much longer. Nov 22 2019 Sorry for reviving an old thread but I purchased a DieHard battery from Sears. My brothers boat was Group 27. Costco sells a nice battery also. The battery sucks. Interstate Battery stores do fine. They Batteries for the 3. This could happen almost anywhere at any time if circumstances are right but does not mean it has or will always be that way. If I were going AGM I would pick up an AGM Duracell at Sam 39 s Club. 22 Jun 2019 I just got Walmart to install my new costco interstate battery 35 3 on my 39 16 CX 5 sport. Looking for charging mode recommendation. I went to Interstate 39 s website and found the correct battery application. 3 year warranty then resets every time you replace the battery. Yesterday I stopped at Costco to look at thier batteries and found they carry two differat 6V batteries. The Costco batteries are still working fine after 10 months. Was told the cases were made in Mexico assembled in U. The Costco Deep Cycle Marine batteries are Kirkland Group 24 MCA Jul 28 2020 Some people believe that the Kirkland car battery was such a good battery that Costco wasn t making any money on them as they were lasting for 7 years. The shop that replaced the battery could not believe how much buildup there was around the terminals. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Just wondering if this would work. Walmart batteries EverStart Battery MAXX Group 49 H8 900 CCA 170. 5W 7 quot tall . Costco Kirkland brand is a rebranded Interstate and should be a bit cheaper. Not as good as Costco 39 s price or warranty but at least they had the size that fit. Would someone who is please check if they carry the Interstate MTP 96R and if yes their price. Aug 04 2017 ok does anyone know the amp rating of costco 39 s interstate battery or have them jim 08 04 2017 07 05 PM This Website and forum is the property of Feb 06 2011 Welcome to the NASIOC. 94 NA B package 04 LS 14 GT PRHT. The price was the best part 73 tax. html. Interstate batteries are made by Exide which is another big manufacturer. I put a Group 25 640 CCA Costco battery in my 39 13. it seems as if the positive terminal of the battery is smaller than the oem one so when you tightened the positive end it doesnt clamped all the way tight. I realize that Interstate may have actually made or distributed the now defunct Kirkland brand. And now today the Interstate Battery I put in my S10 pickup last August died. 20 V for a 12 V battery. 4 53 Detroit Clark 5 spd 40 quot wide tracks 10 00x20 tires 16 000 capacity 22 000 weight. Interstate also markets the 24DC battery. Yellow Battery was in stock at Santa Cruz CA Costco store on Sept. However there are no mention of prorated nbsp 28 Dec 2016 If anyone is interested I have picture evidence of the Costco Interstate battery for cheap under 85 bucks a battery but this site does not want to nbsp 23 Jan 2019 I can get a 51R at Costco Interstate for 73 plus core. quot Had an Interstate battery in the JK I recently bought from some guy on Craigslist. Oem Battery on my 2013 died about a year ago and I tried to replace it asap with an Interstate battery however I was unable to find the correct size in stock anywhere in my city. 75 volts per cell or 10. i put a cheap CT battery twist off disconnect on my e36. 5 volts on a 12 volt battery. This battery is a monster and also expensive but worth it if it 39 s in your budget. Here is how it Costco 93 OTD 24F 36 months. Two larger batteries that should fit with some modification are group 27F or group 24F but measure and make sure you can get the proper hold down bracket before you buy. Created Feb No personal experience with Interstate but something you may want to consider and don 39 t laugh a Costco brand battery I believe they are branded quot Kirkland quot and made by JC. 700 on my old batt. You just can 39 t beat the no questions asked 36 month outright replacement warranty. Numbers Matching VW 39 s are getting harder to find. The house batteries on board are 2 INTERSTATE GC2 XHD UTL. Oct 26 2017 Interstate batteries come with a full replacement warranty for 6 to 12 months depending on the model. Item Number 1355852 Group Size Cadillac Forums is the perfect place to go to talk about your favorite Caddys Got a Costco Interstate battery for my wife 39 s 2011 Accord and the sales manager said just bring it back before the full replacement warranty period to get a new one. 36 month free replacement warranty and 725 CCA. 5 years simply because of age. The DieHard Gold EP 24F is a good battery. On sale at Pep Boys it was just a bit more US 179 vs 155 for larger capacity CCA and Reserve Capacity better technology longer and warranty than Costco 39 s battery basic Interstate brand . I bought 16 batteries from Costco Interstate GC2 6v 210Ah 20h. The negative end works fine. quot Mar 03 2020 Any group 48 battery will fit up but it 39 s always nice to have some specifics. Nov 20 2016 Looking to replace 15 year old under passenger seat Interstate battery with a newly available Interstate selling at Costco . I searched the internet and nothing matched up. com Interstate 24DC Marine RV Battery. Let me know which is better or if Hi I 39 m looking for a battery for 2007 Lexus ES350. Johnson Controls makes Diehard Sears Duralast AutoZone Interstate Kirkland Costco Motorcraft Ford and some EverStarts. I can 39 t find decent SOC info on this make model. It is a Minn Kota 36v. 99 Pepboys May 07 2015 I had an experience with Costco Interstate Batteries that I hope was isolated. The Costco Interstate battery cost about 109. The terminals are in the correct orientation . The height of the new battery is right for a 35 but that height measures all the way to the top plastic extrusion which is a bit higher than the front and back rim where the bracket is mounted. They leave it completely open ended. Battery is a battery. com Subaru forum. quot Go get a battery at an auto parts store. My battery died on me last week. 27 Oct 2018 If you have a Costco membership batteries are a steal there. I have a line on 2nds or blems as some call them for batteries. Before they used Kirkland batteries. 98 VIAIR 300P Portable Compressor 30033 Use Interstate or Costco batteries both are good batteries at a reasonable price that have stores almost everyplace if you have problems with them. Jan 10 2017 I 39 m sure that an Interstate battery bought at a factory store or off an Interstate truck won 39 t quite be the same as one bought from Costco. According to an Interstate rep their Costco battery is able to cycle 1 220 times to 50 depth of discharge 50 discharge is the typically the recommended amount of discharge before you should charge the battery back up . I would have like to have gotten something with 800 CCA or bettor. I looked at interstates Costco sells an Interstate DC27 Marine battery for 79 are these exactly the same as say an Interstate SRM27 Marine battery that you find for nbsp 31 May 2019 Need some advice. Not quite as strong as the Interstate but slightly better warranty Kirkland car batteries costco tips when buying a car battery car battery for 2008 nissan altima best battery maintainer for car batteries lexus car key battery replacement. Did a search who makes interstate batteries. A mechanic said that the current one failed a load test. Logged. The current Toyota TrueStart 84 month battery has died and I 39 m looking for a replacement. Not sure why but one of the cables was stuck on the post and took them awhile to free it. quot Cat Premium High Output and Deep Cycle batteries are for automotive and light truck bus RV marine industrial agricultural stationary power and recreational usage too. Save Share. East Penn is the third. Warranty is better at WalMart and if I need a replacement there is more than likely a WalMart closer. I could get about 40 miles on a charge. 83 ea Dimensions of the batteries is identical at 7 quot W x 10 1 4 quot L x 11 quot H. The warranty is 36 months full replacement vs the 42 month that costco had on their non stock Interstate. This battery is proven to work and is very close in spec to the OEM battery but is not the 94R spec 39 ed by Interstate which Costco does not sell. But I think I saw some as cheap as 73. This rate is measured at 80deg F when the battery is 100 efficient. info. It was a 900 CCA. Montana are interstate now. For years I have exclusively purchased interstate batteries from Costco. I replaced my battery with a Bosch AGM absorbed glass mat . My advice is not to skimp on a battery guaranteed it 39 ll fail at the most inconvenient time possible. We brought an interstate battery from Costco. I have two of them on my travel trailer. May 07 2015 If its just a matter of Costco employees being too lazy or apathetic to test the batteries to see if they truly need replacing then that is a different story. Find a complete line of Interstate Batteries at Costco. I 39 ve heard the 34R form factor is an acceptable alternative to the factory 48 format. To keep prices low Costco does not offer a telephone service allowing members to call in for prices or product availability. I like AGM only because they 39 re resistant to acid spilling. 99 I 39 m Going with the EverStart Battery MAXX Group 49 H8 900 CCA More cranking power and price is reasonable I have never heard anyone complain about Interstate batteries before and CostCo 39 s replacement policies make it pretty compelling to get one there. The third battery was perfect. What are the odds that Interstate made the Kirkland and or the Everstart battery Costco is not a manufacturer it just a private label made to their spec by a manufacturer like Interstate. On a whim before having to buy another battery I took it over to Interstate. Cadillac Forums is the perfect place to go to talk about your favorite Caddys Jun 03 2020 Interstate is a good brand. Jan 16 2018 Interstate absolutely carries USA made batteries made from US recycled material. The last two car batteries I 39 ve purchased have been Interstate branded batteries from Costco that have black cases. Anyone using these Was thinking of putting them in my Jun 22 2019 I just got Walmart to install my new costco interstate battery 35 3 on my 39 16 CX 5 sport. The exact replacement at the nbsp 15 Nov 2019 Can a Trojan Pacer be discharged that many more times than a Costco Interstate battery. When I purchased mine the local Sams Club 39 s batteries were more than 2 months old on the shelf and they did not have 4 from the same month of manufacture. Nov 13 2018 I have 48 volt charger DPI 1 48017 04 and six 8 volt Interstate Costco batteries. One is a 100 CC group 82 and the other is a 110 CC group 84. Just like with everything every brand says that they re the best and usually list the exact same reasons for why. Was looking at Costco Interstate Batteries and Walmart 39 s Maxx Batteries. If the Costco Interstate batteries cannot provide 1220 cycles at 1 cycle per day 3. I have a digital battery load tester and the new Costco battery tested at about 515CCA right on target for the stated 500CCA. Decades of delivering on nbsp You will want something like this Group 24 https www. But you said Costco batteries were 2 3 year batteries. Interstate Customer service is no help. lol. Exide makes Champion Exide Napa and some EverStart batteries. 73 bucks. Costco sells the same battery for 99. so 75 bucks more and still a 3 yr replacement should be in this Friday. I 39 ll be installing it tonight this weekend. 90 Bosch Premium Perfromance 700CCA 36 months free replacement 60 months prorated 99. Here 39 s a photo of the Deka 94R battery Mar 24 2017 Costco Interstate Batteries I 39 m running one right now on a few of my Jeeps and they seem to be holding up. 5 quot quot shorter quot lengthwise vs. I had an internet conversation with Interstate Costco batteries. Find a Costco should have the lowest battery prices a Marine type 24 sells for 68 which is 20 30 cheaper than Les Schwab same exact battery . 99 before tax at a local Costco in Southern California. These batteries are both cheap and of excellent quality making them the best choice of our group for normal use. Oct 30 2014 Kirkland batteries sold by Costco are a bit of a well kept secret in the automotive world. 99. Went to Costco and was told that they don 39 t stock it nor can they order it. I 39 ve purchased 3 of the Interstate batteries Costco started carrying a year or two ago. Costco does not carry the size of the battery in the Eco. I am thinking about converting my single Marine RV battery to 2 6 volt deep cycle batteries. Consumer Reports did recent test. For those of us with 7th Gen Accords and newer Odyssey 39 s the top rated batteries are the Interstate Mega Tron Plus MTP 24F 90 800 CCA 39 s 30 75 warranty and the Everstart 24F 3N a CR best buy 45 600 CCA 39 s 24 72 warranty . The rating was a bit higher than the Interstate Costco at 840 cca 1035 ca. 99 ea Sams Club Emergizer battery size CG2 107 RC minutes 75 amps 220AH 81. Any recommendations appreciated. it has a habit of draining batteries. I thought based on what I ve read on these forums that you don t want a marine battery as opposed to a true deep cycle one for your coach whether it be 6 or 12 volts. 00 . This is more than a car repair forum 422k. Make sure your current draw is solved then just work with the Interstate dealer. But the one from Costco could very well be the same as an EverStart from Walmart. It was sooooo time. I would say 5 years is right as they should have been replaced last year but I did not do it. The AGM bike battery was a piece Feb 09 2016 Hi Need to get a new car battery and was at costco yesterday and saw an interstate battery with the following info Costco Fitment code 29 Group H6 48 70ah. Feb 09 2013 Doing a little research on batteries and decided to add to the mountain of posts regarding batteries. I went to the local Interstate Battery Dealer and met with the Manager. I found out the hard way. Car Batteries. For 24F battery I need. I have a 160w panel on my trailer and since I installed them in May they have held SG at about 1. Interstate also sells the MTP 24F with a 30 month free replacement warranty 750 CCA and standard lead acid construction. 34 years it won 39 t work anyway. Car owners all over the Internet confirm and lament the change. The last battery that I put in my truck was a Interstate battery . Factory battery in the GMC lasted 7 yrs. 2L Gas 5. 28 Sep 2015 I am calculating 11. My local store carries a Group nbsp 24 Apr 2016 Interstate battery from Costco 3 yr replacement warranty no proration 72. For some reason they did a quick test on the battery. Seems like it is for their deep cycle battery. I replaced the battery bank yesterday. On the Interstate nbsp 17 Aug 2017 I have an 39 05 Touring. 83. I doubt seriously if it is Costco 39 s policy to sell one battery and then give customers free batteries for the rest of their life. The MSRP from Interstate 39 s site is 133. Some people might prefer to pay a little bit more if it includes replacement as Costco does not install car batteries. Feb 04 2016 I still have in the one car a group 42 autozone battery from 1999. However others wonder whether there s really much difference Both Interstate and the late Kirkland batteries are made by Johnson Controls. The Exide I think has more CCA than the Interstate from Costco 800 CCA for the Exide versus 700 CCA for the Interstate but the Interstate would likely work fine as well. No the Interstate battery I bought at Costco quot 78A quot what the A stands for I have no idea fit into the box with a little bit of room on each side. There are a lot of posts about upgrading to Optima 39 s but I had no problems with the OEM battery and it has lasted 7 years. been 10 months and my battery has not exploded Mods Black Emblems Black Window Trim Matte Black Grille Orion V2 Angel Eyes 5000k Xenons Smoked Corners Sidemarkers and Tails LED License Plate Lights costco coupon for car rentals pampers target coupons printable wet and wild printable coupons coupons shuttle park 2 seattle puramino reimbursement butrans coupon 2019 costco grocery delivery promo code best all inclusive family trips coupons shop hq. Both are rated very good. I can get these same batteries from Costco for 89 each the Interstate CG2 6 volts. DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter up to 7. Dec 25 2012 Been buying Costco Kirkland batteries for awhile. Hi everyone in the market for the new battery checked out costco 39 s pricing and it seems too good not to give it a try. If you are a Costco member that is the cheapest place I 39 ve seen Interstate batteries. Four yr full replacement guarantee. I don 39 t pay for a name in any parts tires for my cars and trucks. Has anyone any actual experience with using the COSTCO Interstate battery in the 2. Re Costco GC2 6V Battery charge specs and Peukert it 39 s generally not a good idea to try to mix and match batteries. I bought an Interstate battery and my Forester ran just fine. 100476410. Since Costco is about a mile and a half from the house they were my first choice. Gary B1st 2005 Pace Arrow 35G 2016 Jeep nbsp Costco also has Interstate 24F with 700 CCA and Rc 130 for 90. The rating is in the eyes of the beholder. 11 quot on old 7 quot deep 9. 00. 99 for nbsp 4 Sep 2016 Could be used instead of a Group 49 or Group 93 battery. The moral of my story is unless your new battery has flush vent feature to justify for higher cost you are better off with a normal typical Interstate battery of 24F 700 CCA at Costco for 85 with 42 mo free replacement or an Exide unit at Home Depot with 24mo free replacement for 99. It is called out on their website or interstates site that show agm for vehicles with high power demand and the XLE shows up. Power All Your Adventures With Interstate . In other words you Is quot INTERSTATE BATTERY quot still the bests available in Alaska. Mike 1994 Regal Ventura 9. I buy at Costco Interstate battery so it 39 s free still in warranty just a F king pain in the ass anyone else with same problems and if so was it resolved Sep 06 2016 The once popular Kirkland brand is no longer available at Costco replaced with Interstate brand. I would check what size you can fit in your battery storage. AutoZone 39 s wide selection of Duralast batteries feature best in class vent caps a Solidium Weld System Robust Separators LifeSpan negative paste and power designed to meet or Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid SLA AGM Deep Cycle Battery DCM0035 Insert Terminals. 99 94. For example a 12 volt battery with a 650 CCA rating means the battery will provide 650 amps for 30 seconds at 18 C 0 F before the voltage falls to 7. They said Marine batteries carry a strict 12 month warranty. Cost was about the same 107 compared to the local dealer 100 and had 2 yrs replacement 6 yrs prorated return. they should be the same make and model with reasonably the same date within about a year or so but that depends too on how pressed the batteries were are as one hard pressed won 39 t match another just float charged even with the same date code. Top. The generic Interstate battery finder returns two models 1 MT 24F conventional type with a 600 CCA rating and a 2 year free replacement 5 year total pro rated warranty. Popular Searches revolution balance board Costco Interstate doesn 39 t stock this size 39 Napa Legend Premium 84 Group Size 86 640 Cold Cranking Amps 800 Cranking Amps 105 Reserve Capacity 150 O 39 Reilly Superstart Extreme GCI 86 640 CCA 800 CA 105 RC 146 Aug 24 2015 Costco is very well managed. A string of 144V Trojans can produce 1000A at a modest voltage sag. 4 2016 TLX. They use to sell Optimas but stopped. Researched this recently and locally for the price it was Costco for me when I put a new battery in the truck I just sold. 277 They are mostly in float though. And that quot Interstate quot feels the GC 220 is much more of a true quot Deep Cycle quot battery in their opinion than the others. Tried to purchase a group 75 Interstate Battery at Costco for an Anniversary 1993 Corvette. The last I heard Cosco used Interstate batteries. Trojan 3. I was buying a battery and was surprised at the condition of the terminals. I 39 m looking to replace my batteries in my 25FT International Trailer. Apr 21 2015 battery went dead after sitting for a couple months recharged first but no screen or instrument panel or pnrd so replaced 12v and did hard reset replaced 12v battery interstate battery at Costco but no screen pnrd Fisker Buzz Forums Jan 10 2017 I recently purchased an Interstate battery from Costco for my truck so far no problems. my oem battery had a vent tube and it was connected. _____ Volkswagen We tune what we drive. Costco Interstate Battery 175. These batteries are well built easy to service and less than half the cos Don 39 t leave battery maintenance up to chance and replace your Lexus RX 350 battery today by shopping with AutoZone to guarantee starting power at every stop. Dec 24 2009 For Example A 100Ah Battery will carry a 5 amp load for 20 hrs before dropping to voltage of 1. I haven 39 t bought the quot Maxx quot but have used Walmart 39 s car batteries for over 20 years with good results I always get more than 6 years out of them. In 2014 Costco replaced the Kirkland Battery brand with the Interstate Battery brand. Costco 6 volt golf cart batteries Two banks of Costco 6 volt golf cart batteries. May 16 2015 My coach is a 2006 HR Vacationer diesel. Usually around 70 ish for an Interstate battery. costco interstate battery forum